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Mar 9th, 2021

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Unified Remote is a software that lets you use your mobile phone (Android, iOS, or Windows Phone) to control every aspect of your computer: from handling your keyboard and mouse to managing files on your hard drive.

What stands out the most about Unified Remote is that, unlike other similar programs, it has a brilliant interface. You don't have to set up a single thing: you just install the program on your hard drive (or use the portable version), run the app on your phone, and that's it.

The features in Unified Remote include the ability to set up a password to control your computer as well as allow the program to be used by Bluetooth devices (especially useful with laptops).

Unified Remote is an excellent remote control program that particularly stands out for its simplicity. That said, this program is just the server. To use it correctly you need to have installed the mobile version on your phone as well (which is also available on Uptodown).
By Andrés López
How to turn your PC on and off remotely with an app

We've blogged here before about Unified Remote, a super interesting app to control your PC from an Android. You can use it to, for instance, make your touchscreen serve as a mouse, use a virtual remote to control a media player, or even browse through your local file tree. That said, though initially designed for use with WiFi or Bluetooth networks, you can set it up to use your 3G connection so that, among other things, it can turn your PC on and off or restart it from anywhere.
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Mar 9th, 2021

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3.4.1 Sep 30th, 2016 Jul 25th, 2014


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