Unified Remote

3.12.0 forAndroid

Control your computer from your Android device


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Unified Remote is an application that lets you control your computer from your mobile phone through a WiFi network or Bluetooth, so long as your device has the server program for Unified Remote installed (also available on Uptodown).

From Unified Remote, you perform all kinds of actions. The most useful one lets you use the screen of your Android as the computer's mouse. At any moment, you can also use the keyboard to write or use any shortcuts.

Other features in Unified Remote let you manage your hard drive directly. You can go to any folder, rename it, copy and move files, etc.

As in the desktop version of Unified Remote, setting up the program is really easy. So easy, in fact, that you could say it doesn't need to be set up at all; you just need to launch the application and that's it.

Unified Remote is an excellent application that lets you control your PC from your mobile phone in the easiest way possible.
How to turn your PC on and off remotely with an app

We've blogged here before about Unified Remote, a super interesting app to control your PC from an Android. You can use it to, for instance, make your touchscreen serve as a mouse, use a virtual remote to control a media player, or even browse through your local file tree. That said, though initially designed for use with WiFi or Bluetooth networks, you can set it up to use your 3G connection so that, among other things, it can turn your PC on and off or restart it from anywhere.
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